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AFH providers united to revolutionize senior care

Our dream is to revolutionize the senior care industry. We want to let the world know about the amazing care and experience that AFHs can give. But we need Florida’s 3,000+ AFH providers to come together to help us do this. We would love for you to join us! When you register your AFH on our website, we’ll create a page for your home. Fill out the quick questionnaire, and we’ll customize your page to help families find your home even more easily.

So, come, join us! And join forces with AFH owners across the state as we put the power back in the providers’ hands.

There’s a better way

Florida AFH has been providing senior care for over 15 years. We’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way and found that there’s a better way for us AFH providers to do business than relying on big referral agencies. That’s what motivated us to create this website and partner with Google experts to make sure that when people are looking for senior care in our area, they click on our site and find us first. We’re now able to get families to call us directly, so we can find the best place for their loved one; filling our beds and saving us thousands of dollars per resident. Now it’s your turn!


Want to break free from referral agencies?

Thousands of families go online every day to find the right care for their loved one. In the adult family home industry, we know that AFHs are so often their best option. The problem is, large referral agencies pay tons of money to get in front of these families before you do, then they gouge you for thousands of dollars for each referral. Not anymore.


More leads

More families searching online for senior care are going to find your home.


Better marketing

Use your professional-quality, customized page to market your home.


High-quality leads

For any leads we send your way, we’ll make sure they’re the right fit for what you’re looking for.

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